Top Facts About Pit Bull Pregnancy

Many pit bull owners are overjoyed when they find out that they have a litter on the way. But they will need to learn a few basic facts about pit bull pregnancy, since this can make sure that the dog produces a healthy set of puppies. Owners may want to start by taking their dog to a vet as soon as they notice it is pregnant. They may notice that the dog is gaining weight rapidly or has missed some of its different cycles recently. This should be a clue that owners will need to make sure that the pregnancy is developing as it should.

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The vet will be able to check the dog over to make sure that it is staying healthy. Most owners will be interested in finding out more information about all of the different types of vet services that they can get for the newborn puppies as well. This will help make sure that the whole litter is healthy. This is also why owners should be stocking up on care supplies while they can. This is an important goal for many people to keep in mind as their dog gets to different stages of the pregnancy over the next few weeks.

A major question most owners want to know is how long the pregnancy will last. A pregnancy among pit bulls will typically take up to 63 days until the puppies are born. This is an important consideration for people to keep in mind as they go forward. The pregnancy may actually take a few more days, but this is roughly the extent of a healthy pregnancy. Large deviations from this time frame may mean that the puppies are being born prematurely. Owners will want to try to make arrangements for how these premature pups will be taken care of going forward.

A pit bull pregnancy will produce a little of puppies, so owners should decide how they will be taking care of these animals. Most owners will want to provide a good birthing place for the dog. This can also be the space where the dog can nurse the dogs and generally keep them corralled. Owners can help bottle feed the dogs and keep them clean to give the mother some help. This will go a long way towards making sure that puppies get the best chance possible to thrive. This can also give owners a chance to bond with these dogs while they are still young.

Finally, owners will need to think about how they will care for the dogs after the pit bull pregnancy is over. This may help people who want to keep some of the puppies from the litter. But it will also help owners who simply want to give them up for adoption. People will need to check out how they can review their choices when it comes time to getting the word out about the birth. Most owners should try to find these puppies a good home soon. This will help people decide whether they are really giving these puppies the best chance at life.

  • Cindy Rodgers

    how old are pitbulls when they go into their first heat?

    • Lacey Richard

      Typically a year old. But of a Pitt is really welltaken care of they can come into heat as early as 7-8 months.

      Hope this helps.

  • Iulian Macarie

    I want to addopt a pittbull puppy…can someone help me please??

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