5 Pit Bull Diseases That You Should Know

As a lover of pets you may decide to keep pit bull as your best dog. Depending on your preferences the dog can be your perfect pet. For you to enjoy staying with your pit bull you should try and ensure that it is healthy. For the dog to be healthy you need to check on the food that you give it. The food should contain necessary nutrients that will allow the dog to achieve healthy growth. You should also make an effort of vaccinating the dog against different diseases that may be occurring in dogs in your area of residence. You can always contact a veterinary to advice you on that. The following are some of the common pit bull diseases that you should know:

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1. Distemper

This is among pit bull diseases, it is highly contagious. The disease affects the nervous system of pit bulls as well as their respiratory systems. It can cause fatigue and fever in pit bulls which is very dangerous. Other symptoms of the disease in pit bulls include vomiting, diarrhea and seizures. If not treated in good time distemper can lead to death of your dog. You can easily prevent the disease in vaccinating your dog earlier.

2. Giardia

This is among pit bull diseases that leads to diarrhea and abdominal pain. After the dog has been affected by the disease it can end up losing weight at an exceedingly high rate. The disease is caused by a parasite which is waterborne. The dog can be affected by just drinking water that is contaminated with giardia parasite. You can protect your pit bull against the disease by administering to it worm prevention pills.

3. Parvo

The disease affects dogs at all ages. It is very common in puppies where it is very dangerous. It can be spread from one pit bull to the other through contaminated feces. Parvo can also be carried in pit bull furs and paws which can lead to the dog contaminating surfaces in which it lives. For you to prevent the disease you need to see a vet who can administer vaccination.

4. Coronavirus

This is a viral disease that affects pit bulls of all ages. The disease leads to diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. After vomiting and diarrhea the disease can lead to death if the dog is not treated. The best way to prevent Coronavirus is through vaccination.

5. Rabies

This is a disease that can affect pit bulls. The disease affects the brain of the dog making the dog wild. It is caused by a virus where it is mostly spread through bites from wild animals. Rabies can also be passed to human beings through bites. For you to protect your pit bull against the disease you need to seek vaccination in advance.

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