5 Facts about Blue Nose Pit Bull

Most of the people like and have desire of owing a blue nose pitbull. Mainly, because this type of breed possesses the special color and friendly nature, not found in other dog breeds. However, regardless of what the media and dog breeders hype concerning the facts about blue nose pitbull, they remain a loving creature and can be a loving pet too!

If someone is planning to buy a dog, he definitely has to make some changes in his life. All these decisions and changes are dependent on the type of dog or the breed of dog that you are going to adopt. Yes, you are right the breed of dog that you purchase makes a lot of difference in what you need to do to make him a family member or what can be his various requirements. Same is the case with blue nose pitbull dog, there are many facts about blue nose pitbull that a going to be dog owner must be aware of.

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Some of these facts include:

About their common expenses: Though, pitbulls are friendly and loyal to their owners, still owning a pitbull can surely make you do efforts that dog owners of other breeds do not have to. An important point that you must get into your view is that blue pitbulls have shortage of skin coat. In other words, as you blue pitbull grows, he is likely to get prone of various skin problems including baldness, drying, irritation and itching. This common problem can make the owner sponsor a hundred dollar’s treatment (depending upon how severe is the dog’s problem).Hence, only those who can take care of such needs should opt buying this dog breed.

About their reaction: Blue nose pitbulls are said to be the most affectionate dogs that humans can choose as their pets. Whether it is you, the owner or anyone who gives often to rare visits in your home, is bound to receive a good welcome from the blue nose pitbull (in some cases, if he has a habit of socializing). Unless and until you have got your dog trained to bark at strangers he would not do it willingly. This is why; these dogs are not considered apt for guarding activities. However, if you get them trained appropriately they surely can turn out to be loyal in this area also.

About their behavior: Most of the times, the level of socializing of a blue nose pitbull is restricted to humans only. This is because they are not that friendly and open with the dogs of other breeds and neither with other animals. You basically cannot leave a blue nose pitbull alone in a park with other dogs to play around. They are likely to show aggressive behavior towards other species. And being a strong dog, he cannot be brought back into normal mood so easily unless trained for it. Though, they tend to be less socialistic, the training can work here also. If you try making attempts of having your dog be familiar and go around with other animals he will be less aggressive with them. This is a really good trick and this works out.

About their diet: Another requirement of pitbulls that the owners must be concerned about is their food and exercise, which can help you transform and make your pitbull grow into a better breed. In their childhood, you need to take different care of your blue nose pitbull. This may include feeding him frequently with hourly snacks. And as they grow up their diet remains filled with proteins and raw food items. Such diet products can help in making their skin coat better, reduce the chances of falling for skin problems and also makes their muscles stronger.

About their exercise: These dogs are active and like vigorous activities, hence, the owners must not keep them at home for long days. You can take them out on long walks, swimming and running; this helps them have a good warm up and makes their energy get channelized into a better and productive area.

Taking perfect care of your pet is very important. And when it comes to a blue nose pitbull, it might be your time to pull up your socks!

  • Ayla Falcone

    fact: blue nose pitbull is not a breed, it is a color of the “american pitbull terrier” or american staffordshire terrier”.
    I’ve also heard (not sure how true, just putting it out there) that “blue pitbulls” are more likely to exhibit human agression because of the over breeding. I think because so many people just want the dog for color and assume “it’s all how you raise them” they don’t look into a quality breeder, they don’t make sure the puppy comes from parents of sound mind.

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